Fertility monitoring and improvement for men from the comfort of your home. With renowned fertility experts.



Once a sperm sample is provided, mojo only needs 

a couple pf minutes. You don't need to do anything.

We developed mojo together with fertility specialists. Because nothing is as valuable as family.

With Professionals

From Home

Health is personal, so is 

mojo. We will help men to improve fertility to increase your chances of conception.

Within Minutes

No embarrassment or waiting time at the doctor's office: mojo works from the comfort of your own home.

"Global male fertility is decreasing and preventative measures are not being taken. mojo is an excellent way to break down men’s barriers towards testing, bringing the accuracy of the lab into the comfort of the home."

Jesse Nelson Mills, MD

Director, The Men’s Clinic at UCLA


mojo is here to help you learn more about your fertility and to take 

appropriate action if things are not looking they way you would like them to. 

Meet mojo, your fertility companion



Thanks to our technology, mojo analyzes all parameters of a sperm test: count, motility & morphology.

Just put a sperm sample into mojo and push a button in the mojo app. We do the rest.

mojo helps you to take appropriate action in case male fertility levels are not ideal.


We bring an end to complicated medical terms and make male fertility understandable.

mojo is launching soon

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